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"Humans- no matter how intelligent we are, no matter how capable we are with all our technologies, we are helpless im the face of climate change. We have not yet properly understood the miracles performed by trees."

An encouraging video on the changes we are all capable of perpetuating.


You Can Only Multitask In One Way

For years, we’ve known that humans can’t multitask. We can serial task by switching our attention back and forth between tasks quickly, but it makes us less efficient. However, a new study shows that there is actually one way that the human brain can multitask. Join Trace as he breaks down how this new finding sheds light on our extremely limited ability to multitask.

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More elephant slaughters. We’re up to 30,000 kills every year now. Assault rifles are the kill tool of choice. Ivory collectors in Japan and China are major drivers of this poaching trend.

Durban - Gunmen allied to the Seleka rebel group, who killed 13 South African soldiers six weeks ago in the Central African Republic (CAR), have started to massacre forest elephants in a World Heritage Site.

Rod Cassidy, a South African tour operator who fled the CAR by boat the day after the military coup, said he had received information that a group of at least 17 heavily armed men entered the Dzanga-Sangha national park this week. Gunfire was heard on Tuesday night.

The gunmen appeared to be targeting forest elephants at Dzanga-Bai, a world-famous forest clearing and salt-lick where elephants gather every night.

A former Durban man, Cassidy set up a tourism lodge in the elephant sanctuary four years ago. He fled from the park with his wife and son on March 24, shortly after the Seleka rebel group entered Bangui, the capital of the republic.

“Gunshots were heard throughout the night. The situation is very worrying for the future of our heritage,” a senior park official pleaded in an e-mail.

“The government is aware of the massacres. Please put pressure on the NGOs and other partners to save the situation.” 

Dzanga-Sangha national park, in the south-western corner of the country bordering Cameroon and the Republic of Congo, was declared part of a three-nation World Heritage Site last year.

Officials at the World Heritage Centre in Paris could not be reached for comment on Tuesday night. Late last week, however, Unesco director-general Irina Bokova voiced “deep concern” about the looming threat to the park’s population of forest elephants, gorillas and bongo antelope.

Noting that almost 30,000 elephants were being shot for ivory every year across Africa, Bokova said her organisation was alarmed by the surge in elephant poaching in central Africa and she noted that there had been a series of attacks by armed men in the vicinity of Dzanga-Sangha in recent weeks.

The park has more than 3 000 forest elephants, whose “pink” ivory is prized in Japan.

I HATE this image.

Images like these leave me shocked. I hate violence in every form, whether it’s targetted to a child, an adult, or an animal. It tears me apart when I see such magnificent species are being ruthlessly killed all for the sake of business. It’s the part of our culture- this immersion in material things that replaces compassion and care for other living things. It gets me everytime.

Please DON’T BUY IVORY. You’re only supplying, and encouraging, these poachers who make their living out of your desire for little trinkets.  



Clever & effective Ad Campaign by Amnesty International Switzerland


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Eyes on the Sky: Jan 27 thru Feb 2

Supernova SN 2014J brightened up in Messier 82 last week; learn about this type of supernova, as well as where and how to observe it. Another object that is visible for a short period of time now is Mercury; the western, evening sky is where to see the elusive planet, that many experienced amateur astronomers have never seen. Check it out as the Moon visits the planet by the weekend. See what’s up in the night sky every week with “Eyes on the Sky” videos, astronomy made easy.

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